Monday, September 29, 2014


A project for

Pupils at Catholic secondary schools in London

in association with the 2014 TOWARDS ADVENT Festival

Cash prize £50

for the best essay on Saint John Paul II or St John XXIII

These two great Popes were canonised this year in a remarkable ceremony in Rome. Write an essay (max 4 sides of A4, can be handwritten or produced on a computer), about one or both of these two men. Your essay should include an answer to the question “What is a Pope?”  and show evidence of reference to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The prize will be presented at the Towards Advent Festival, Sat Nov 22nd 2014, at Westminster Cathedral Hall. All pupils at RC secondary schools in the dioceses of WESTMINSTER and SOUTHWARK are eligible to enter. There will be a number of runner-up prizes.

Entries should be sent to: Towards Advent Festival Essay Project, 51 Ashley Gardens London SW1P 1QF  to arrive by November 20th 2014.

Each entry must be the pupil’s own unaided work. NOTE: we do not want material that has been simply downloaded from the Internet. We are seeking original and interesting essays. Each entry MUST carry the pupil’s FULL NAME (INCLUDING SURNAME) and the FULL name and POSTAL ADDRESS of the school. We are unable to accept entries by email.

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