Sunday, November 24, 2013

GLORIOUS SINGING, an inspiring opening welcome from the Archbishop...

...and a day of busy activity...The 2013 TOWARDS ADVENT Festival was splendid and had a flavour of its own. The  choir of St Philomena's was a spectacular success, and a great crowd of mums and dads had come along to listen, and  this gave the hall a warm, well-filled, family feeling right from the start. The Refreshments team were, as always, kept very active all day.  Delicious cakes, bikkies, sandwiches, tea...also home-made jam and much cheery talk on offer.    Knights of St Columba in splendid blue ribboned collars,  lots of  people stocking up on Christmas cards, good speakers tackling the challenge of evangelisation in modern Britain, some authors signing books, a student pro-life group offering a message of hope,   Ordinariate ladies selling some stunning hand-made scarves, exquisite gifts etc...oh, and more, and more...

The Cathedral Hall has fine acoustics - the choir gallery is large and the St Philomena's choir is some 60-strong and all looked very demure in long dark skirts and white blouses, arms held steady at their sides, faces all looking at the the lovely sound of Panis Angelicus filled the hall, there was a sense of pure delight.

In welcoming us, the Archbishop spoke inspiringly, lifting our thoughts to God and doing so with a warm and light touch, just perfect for the day. It is something to stand in a  hall glowing with a sense of prayer and music and goodwill, on a November day in modern London...and the goodwill was still there as people, though tired, carefully cleared things and helped with tidying as the day ended...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013



Among the stalls and displays this year, you will find the news, inspiration, ideas, music, books, gifts, and contacts to make Advent and Christmas come alive!  Come and hear some inspiring speakers - come and learn how to spread the Good News and be part of the New Evangelisation!

Sister Hyacinthe leads the annual John Paul walk  to Walsingham each summer, and  a great Reunion Walk through London in the Autumn - singing, praying the Rosary, and being a strong Christian presence in the Norfolk countryside and then in the big city. Come and hear ideas and inspiration for the New Evangelisation!

Edmund Adamus is one of the great defenders of marriage and family life in the public sphere: come and learn how to speak up for the family, and learn anew how central it is to our Faith and to evangelisation.

It's all happening on November 23rd at Westminster Cathedral Hall.  Doors open from 10am...delicious home-made refreshments available all day...big opening ceremony at 10.30am, with a choir and the Archbishop of Westminster.

Come and meet the groups that make the news in the Church - the new Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, the CTS which publishes YOUCAT, the Faith Movement which brings great numbers of young people together each year, ACN which speaks up for the persecuted in different parts of the world...come and buy beautiful handcrafted gifts, browse through bookstalls (and meet some authors), talk to campaigners, or simply sit and chat in a joyful atmosphere...

This is your big day to make Advent and Christmas 2013 really special....

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spread the word...

...about the Towards Advent Festival: Saturday November 23rd 2013 at Westminster Cathedral Hall.

The choir...

...of St Philomena's School, Carshalton, will be singing at the 2013 TOWARDS ADVENT Festival.

The school, founded in the 1890s, is a Catholic girls' school originally established by the Daughters of the Cross.

The Opening Ceremony will  begin at 10.30am, with the chairman, Mr Brian Towler, of the Catenian Association, welcoming  Archbishop Vincent Nichols. The choir will sing, and  the Archbishop will declare the Festival open, and will tour the hall visiting the various stalls.

Groups involved with the Festival this year include Aid to the Church in Need, the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, the Knights of St Columba, the Benedictine monks of Farnborough Abbey,  the Catholic Truth Society, and the Association of Catholic Women, as well as a large number of small independent Catholic charities. It is an opportunity to browse the buy all sorts of things ranging from Christmas cards and Advent candles to knitted goods, hand-made rosaries, and books and DVDs. There are also talks (see below) celebrating the YEAR OF FAITH, and freshly-made refreshments so that people can relax and chat with friends over a cup of tea...

Thursday, July 18, 2013 seems a long way ahead but HAVE YOU MARKED THE DATE????

The 2013 TOWARDS ADVENT Festival is on Saturday Nov 23rd, at Westminster Cathedral Hall.

The  choir of St Philomena's School, Carshalton, will be singing.  Archbishop Vincent Nichols will open the Festival. Speakers during the day include Sister Hyacinthe of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph, who will talk about Evangelisation - "a task entrusted to each of us!" - in this Year of Faith.  The whole of the Festival will be a celebration to round off the Year of Faith and to carry on its messaged. Edmund Adamus, from the diocese of Westminster, will speak on the importance and role of the family in passing on the Faith.

You won't want to miss this Festival - it promises to be the best-ever...the TOWARDS ADVENT event began at the start of the 21st century and has played an increasingly important role in bringing people together and promoting the work of the vast range of Catholic groups and organisations that we have in Britain. Come and join in!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Towards Advent 2013


The Towards Advent Festival 2013 will be held on


at Westminster Cathedral Hall.

Grand Opening 10.30am with Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

Speakers during the day:
Edmund Adamus,|Dept of Pastoral affairs, Diocese of Westminster
Sister Hyacinthe Defos, Dominican Sisters of St Joseph

Doors open 10 am. Books, DVDs, holy cards, posters, booklets, Nativity sets, Advent calendars, statues, rosaries, craft goods, and much more on sale...