Monday, September 10, 2012


A young Olympic speed-skating star will be special guest speaker at the 2012 Towards Advent Festival.

Sister Catherine  - born Kristen Holum -  was an American  speed-skater at the 1998 Olympics. She was born into a distinguished sporting family - her mother was a gold medal winner at the 1972 Olympics.

She loved speed-skating, and took part in the winter Olympics at Nagano, Japan. But as she reached the end of her teens, she began sensing a call to something quite different. Beginning with a  childhood visit to the shrine at Fatima, and continuing with the unforgettable2002 World Youth Day in Toronto with Pope - now Blessed - John Paul II , she felt a call to the religious life.

Now Sister Catherine is a Franciscan Sister of the Renewal, with a community based in Leeds.  She will be special guest speaker at the TOWARDS ADVENT Festival on November 24th at Westminster Cathedral Hall.

Tickets for the talk are £2.00, obtainable at the Welcome Desk at the Festival, which opens at 10am. Come and hear Sister Catherine's remarkable story!

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